Oksana Vladimirovna


Dentist therapist

Certified Dentist Therapist. Provides the services of treating caries and its complications, including periodontitis, pulpitis and other diseases.

Provides the service of dental treatment, root canal therapy, dental fillings and oral hygiene. Operates modern methods of aesthetic dental restoration.

Executes professional whitening.

Uses only high-quality and modern materials.

Constantly upgrades her professional qualification.


  • In 2012, graduated from Kharkiv National Medical University (KNMU);
  • 2014 - Internship at KNMU.

Advanced Training:

  • 2013 - “Modern successful endodontics”;
  • 2014 - “Restoration of destroyed front teeth”.

Place of attendance:

  • Gvardeitsves Shironintsev, 99, North Saltovka, Kharkiv.